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Thinking, code and living papers

  • Philosophy of Science & Ethics

    An open community discussion on the future of science Breakthroughs in science often raise profound ethical and moral questions. The network will be proactive in identifying and facilitating such discussions.
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  • Guardian

    Guardians play the same role as miners do in bitcoin, ethereum etc but for science. In the LKN they co-ordination a consensus mechanism that keep all science honest and truthful. This will be a new peer to peer consensus mechanism that will be researched and tested before going live. Initial community thinking envisions a modular software stack secured by a knowledge scripting language.
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  • Resolution Wallet

    Graphical UI for communicating with a Guardian. The network will need a graphical wallet to allow non-technical users to communicate with the LKN. A choice will need to be made to customise existing wallets or build a fresh Wallet.

  • Network Data Science

    Network Data Science Project Co-Ordination

    • Computational Reference Layers
    • Decentralized Storage
    • Decentralized Compute
    • Decentralized Machine Learning
    • Simulations & Visualisation
    Data is becoming more open and accessible across the research community but most data still remains locked away or allows access to a privileged few. Smart Contracts used as permission gateways is a proposed solution to this problem and at the same time empowers all in the network to take ownership of their data. How do decentralized storage protocols work and coordinate with smart contracts? Computations need to be performed, again new decentralized compute protocols are emerging, how do they bring new rigor to science?
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  • Collaboration

    Collaboration project co-ordination

    • How to allow permissionless access & discovery
    • How to reward participation
    How do we create a culture of permissionless participation showcased by the bitcoin community and protocol? Open science has advanced open collaboration. How can the use of peer to peer and blockchain technology propel this further to a spirit of collaborative generosity? How can incentives be set up?
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  • Consensus on Science

    • How the network validates the truthfulness or accuracy of claims or laws of nature?
    Peer review was invented to provide science with a self checking and skeptical feedback mechanism on itself. In a world of data driven computational science and a backdrop of a ‘reproducibility crisis’ how does science innovate new network validation protocols to provide new immutable evidence trails and guarantee rigour of results or claims? How can it be assured that peer-review supports outliers with new ideas/findings early and strongly?
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  • Knowledge Token

    • Manifesto for Research (ICO) Funding
    • How to define a new intellectual property paradigm
    • How are knowledge tokens secured?
    • One KT or many KTs and how are they differentiated?
    What does the future of science funding look like? More generally how to we create a reward knowledge token that incentives all parties active in science to be rewarded fairly but at the same time provides a disincentive to bad actors contributing to the network of knowledge?
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  • Community & Education

    • Organisers of community meetups, workshops and hackathons.
    • Use case champions
    Existing community meetups: BlockchainForScience, Berlin and London, HealthCare Research Munich.
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